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Eye Tracking System CS681

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Application Software
Included with the CS681 is an application software (MS Windows), which may be used to control the system and to analyze and capture the systemís output data over the USB interface as well as for firmware upgrades if future versions of the systemís firmware are available. Below are some screenshots of the application software.

Representation of the angular data in real time (Histogram)

Representation of the angular data in real time (Plot Y/t)

Representation of the angular data in real time (3D View)

Representation of the raw data in real time (Text)

System control (channel 1 settings)
System control (generic settings)
System control (automatic tuning)
Application properties
Firmware upgrade

Also included with the CS681 is an ActiveX control for MS Windows which allows a user application software (e.g. LabVIEW VI) the straightforward communication with the CS681 over the USB interface.

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