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Eye Tracking Systems

Primelec develops, manufactures and sells eye tracking systems based on the search coil technique
since 1989. Today we are the leading supplier of high-performance search coil systems and our
eye tracking systems are in use at universities and research institutions throughout the world.
Our latest system CS681 is probably the most advanced search coil system on the market.

The high accuracy and bandwidth of our systems guarantees effortless recording of 3D eye
and head movements (horizontal, vertical and torsional). Applications include neuro-physiological,
ophthalmological, psychological, psychiatric, reading and visual studies. List of references...

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Custom Equipment

Primelec provides the development and manufacturing of custom equipment as well as consultation services. Our focus is to find the best solution for your specific requirements, including cost minimization and schedule optimization.

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About Primelec

Primelec is an independent Swiss company which was founded in 1986 by Daniel Florin. We are located in Regensdorf near Zurich, Switzerland.

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